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Ka'anapali Golden Estate Blend Medium Roast - 16 oz.


What type of grind should I get?

The grind mostly depends on the method you use to make coffee. The most popular method in the US is the auto-drip, using either disposable paper filters or a permanent metal-mesh.

"Rule-of-Thumb" guide for what type of grind to use:

  • Espresso/Cappuccino machines: extra fine grind
  • Auto-Drip coffeemakers using paper filters: fine-medium grind
  • Auto-Drip coffeemakers with a metal-mesh filter: medium grind
  • Manual drip (pour-over): medium-coarse grind
  • French Press: coarse grind
  • Percolator: coarse grind

Experiment a little. Start with our guidelines and judge how the coffee tastes. To make your coffee taste a little stronger, you may want to purchase a finer ground the next time. If you taste a touch of bitterness, perhaps a coarser grind would be better.

Whole Bean:

Grinding your own coffee beans just before brewing definitely provides the absolute, freshest tasting coffee.

"Rule-of-Thumb" guide for grinding:

  • Fine: 30 - 40 seconds
  • Medium: 20 - 25 seconds
  • Medium-Coarse: 15 - 20 seconds
  • Coarse: 5 - 10 seconds

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